How can I become your customer?
If you’re a retailer, please contact us via our contact form or via e-mail info@pos-artfleur.de. You can get further information in our B2B area.

Is there a minimum order value?

Please contact us for the minimum order value. The amounts vary according to the country. Please make an agreement on terms of payment and purchase prices.
Sold only in packing units.

I’m a private customer. Could I still order from you?

Unfortunately the possibilities for private persons to order from us are limited at present. If you’re living in Germany, please check our German site.

How can I order a catalog from you?

We send our catalogs only to retailers. Please contact us via our form our via e-mail. If you want to download it, please as for a password.

Do your faux flowers and artificial greenery need some special care?
Our artfleur® flowers do not need intense care. Although you should remove dust regularally from them.

Are your faux flowers and artificial greenery appropriate for the outside?

Primarily, our artfleur® flowers are made for the inside. Of course there is no obstacle to puth them in your garden, but beware: The flowers will have a shortened life, because they are not UV-protected and their colours will fade away shortly. Besides the material could wither weather-related.

Are your faux flowers easily inflammable?

Generally not. Therefore we recommend to use wreath only in combination with a table latern. An exception ist our artificial, hardly inflammable christmas trees.

I cannot find an response to my question here.

Please contact us. It does not matter if you call, send us a mail or an e-mail. We are pleased to help you.

Kontakt artfleur-Team
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