Company Profile

Who we are and what we do

Our company was founded in 2009 and distributes the brand artfleur® which enjoys popularity among customers to the whole of Europe.


Each member of our five head stronged team has its own expertise and together combined we give daily our best to let you experience silk flowers as your own special, colourful luck.
One to two times our manager Erik Massmann travels to manufacturers in the Far East and chooses the innovations for the next year. The various roses, orchids and greenplants are manufactured by hand for our brand artfleur® and are shipped on the fastest way to Germany. To its warehouse destination in D-Bottrop, Rottbeck Spedition GmbH. Around 500 different silk flowers and artificial greenery in small and big size are transported from here to their customers. Contracts do arrive via EDI (Electronic Data Interface), E-Mail and now also online in the headquarters. They are processed and as delivery notes finally conveyed to Rottbeck where the flowers get packed and dispatched to their destinations throughout Germany and Europe.

What we want

Without flowers something is missing in life: a little joie de vivre. A little colourful happiness. Yes, even a little piece of luck. Humans are blooming with flowers. We are convinced by it. Therefore we are proposing a range of classic flowers and plants and an exotic one and a wide range of colours, so everyone has the chance to pick up his favourite flower and his personal feeling of luck. As natural and true-to-life as possible.

How we realize our targets

Passing on luck begins with our flower presentation at the point of sale, which are arranged to a wild experience for your senses in the most beautiful colours. We try to negiotate the fairest prices for retailers, for the manufacturer. For you.