white winter dreams

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Please notice that due to Covid-19 we mainly work in home office because the safety of our employees comes first and we take the advice #stayathome very serious. But don't worry we're still there for you. Please send us your requests via e-mail.
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p:os flower GmbH

You don't know us yet? Then it's time to learn who we are, what we do, what silkflowers mean to us and why we want to see you lucky.

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Our catalog for 2020 has arrived. If you want to inspire yourself, please contact us for your digital PDF-version.

Why should I decide for silk flowers?
  • eternal beauty (will never turn into a withering beast)
  • need no intense care (no watering, no fertilizing, no repotting)
  • will not act like a diva, blooms everywhere, in every dark corner
  • you needn't a green thumb, it will always shine like a jewel
  • it's always ready for transport, it doesn't break into pieces easily
  • silk flowers are always available in every species and colour
  • suitable for persons suffering from an allergy
  • they offer endless possibilities for your creativity